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Get support

There are several ways to get help with Layer.


Join the Layer Community on Slack to discuss issues, ask question, or give feedback. This channel is best for short conversations and small problems, not for bug reporting.

Layer Discourse community

The best method to get help is our Layer Discourse community. You can search to see if other users are having (or have solved) similar issues. If they haven't, then you can file a bug or submit an idea by creating a new post with an appropriate tag.

Discourse posts also appear in our ZenDesk, and we migrate them to our issue tracking system if they are bugs or feature suggestions.

What to include

You can include information that will help Layer engineers and members of the community to help you.

  • A copy of the notebook or a link to the notebook that you are working on.
  • Screenshots or recordings of the issue.
  • Exact text of errors.