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Add a Project Card

Layer helps you create a dynamic project cards for your Layer Projects. Project Cards are display in the main page of your Layer Projects and provide information about your project.

How to add a Project Card

  1. Create a file in your working directory.
    1. For Google Colab Notebooks, it's the /content folder.
    2. For your local notebooks, it's the folder where your notebook file is.
    3. For Python scripts, it's the directory where your script is.
  2. Initialize your project with:
import layer
  1. Layer will automatically detect your file and set it as your project card.

How to insert Dataset/Model Cards

You can copy and paste the url of your dataset/model into the file and Layer will automatically render it as a dataset/model card in your project card.

How to insert Logged Data

You can easily insert parameters, metrics, images, charts or dataframes that you logged during the training of your model. Go to the Logged Data tab in your model or dataset detail page. You will find a "Copy URL" button at the top-right of your logged data cards. Just click and paste the copied URL into your using Markdown syntax. Here is a sample project with logged metrics and the source

See an example Project Card and it's source.