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View datasets

You can view datasets available to you in the My Projects > Datasets tab.

Change how you view datasets

Click the icons in the upper-right corner to toggle between icon and list views.

Change dataset sort order

You can change the order in which your datasets are listed. The default sort order is descending by Date created. Click the list in the upper right corner to see your options.

Options include:

  • Sort by - Ascending or descending, applied to each of the following options.
  • Name - Alphabetical by name.
  • Date created - Sorted according to the date upon which the dataset was created.
  • Last updated - Sorted according to the date upon which the dataset was last updated.

Find a dataset

You can type part or all of a dataset name in the search bar to find particular datasets.

View dataset details

You can view a sample of your dataset and basic stats of your columns in the Profile tab. Also you can see all the logged data in the Logged data tab.

View project datasets

You can navigate to the project associated with a dataset by clicking the project name on a dataset card. In the Project assets, you can view all datasets associated with the project.